John Bollwitt

I've been podcasting since October 2004, but making radio shows since I was 12 on cassette tape, doing radio projects throughout high school, and in radio broadcasting since 1997. I'm an avid blogger and currently produce two podcasts, RadioZoom and The Crazy Canucks. I've attended a variety of meetups in relation to podcasting, and my blog frequently features my thoughts about podcasting in a variety of ways.

Richard Eriksson

Richard has worked for teachers in a classroom of at-risk youth, public libraries, and now, for Raincity Studios as their support cowboy. He loves indoor and outdoor activities, walks softly, but carries a big Drupal. He has been blogging at Just a Gwai Lo since 2000, and will vigorously defend the validity of his Chinese name.

Roland Tanglao

A veritable social media factory, Roland began blogging in 1999 and regularly contributes his wit and knowledge about mobile technology, Vancouver's best restaurants, and tech meetup recaps - along with an epic Flickr photostream - to the global online conversation.

Although a technologist at heart - Roland is a systems design engineer - as a co-founder of Bryght, Roland created a prototype for candid, company blogging with his enthused and informative style.

Born in the Philippines, raised in Canada - shoveling snow and playing hockey in a small town in Ontario near Niagara Falls - Roland speaks better German and French than Tagalog. He enjoys snapping blurry camera phone photos while Skytrain-ing or riding his bike on icy streets to Gastown.

Currently, Roland is the support services coordinator at Raincity Studios.

Stewart Mader

Stewart Mader works with business, academic, and non-profit organizations to grow vibrant collaborative communities. He is Wiki Evangelist for Atlassian, publishes Blog on Wiki Patterns (www.ikiw.org), and founded Wikipatterns.com. He is the author of two books: Wikipatterns: a practical guide to improving productivity and collaboration in your organization, which is being published by Wiley in early 2008, and Using Wiki in Education, an online book on how the wiki is transforming education and research.

Jeffrey Keefer

Jeffrey Keefer, M.Ed., M.A., M.A., M.A., is a Senior Instructional

Designer at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, where he manages projects and designs and develops learning initiatives and materials in the Clinical Education Department of Quality Management Services.

Jeffrey is also an adjunct instructor in the Management CommunicationDepartment at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he teaches in the graduate M.B.A degree program as well as students in the undergraduate division. Jeffrey speaks, researches, and consults internationally on organizational communication, adult learning, and applied research.

Robin Yap

Robin Yap, LLB, MSc Ed, DM (abd) is a Partner at Phronetic International, a Toronto-based all independent consultants network focused on developing and implementing Technology-to-Training Integration Strategies and Programmes, Training Department Staff (Instructors, Instructional Designers, Training Manager) Standards of Practise, Next Generation Human Capital Development, Competency, and Certification Programmes. Robin’s 20-year career includes working with Global Fortune 500 companies including Accenture Learning , Sun Microsystems, and JDEdwards/Oracle.

Linda Bustos

I'm currently an Emerging Media Analyst at Elastic Path Software. In English this means that I study Web 2.0 and social media trends and best practices for business (mainly online retailers) for blogging and spam-free social media marketing. Prior to this I worked with several Internet marketing clients on search engine optimization and reputation management projects. I've been a blogger since December, 2006.

Gene Smith

Gene Smith is an information architect, blogger, designer, consultant and tagging aficionado. As a principal at nForm User Experience, he’s advised clients like Comcast, Ancestry.com and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. He lives in Edmonton, Canada. His book Tagging will be published by New Riders in January 2008.

Lauren Wood

Lauren has been on the organizing committee for Northern Voice since the first year, having met Boris and Darren at a lunch in Vancouver where they started talking about the idea. She was coopted because of her experience chairing other conferences. She has two blogs, one general, and one for crafting. In her day job she works for Sun Microsystems.

Boris Mann

Born to eat, breathe and talk tech, "The Boris" is the consummate true believer in the power of open source and will almost certainly say "Drupal" within 30 seconds of meeting anyone. Growing up in idyllic Bowen Island, Boris left pastoral landscape to grab a B. Sc. in Computer Science (naturally) at U. Vic before trekking east to frosty Ottawa to advance new technologies like VoIP.

Returning to Vancouver, he convinced a rag-tag crew that Drupal is the only true path and thus begat the first-ever Drupal-powered commercial company, Bryght. He is a chronic event organizer/participant, frequently speaks to groups on open standards (no matter what the assigned topic is), and as a noted foodie, only the unwise turn down a dinner invitation. Now, as the marketing czar of the Drupal Association, he is likely to say "Drupal" twice in the first 30 seconds.

Currently, Boris is VP of Product Development at Raincity Studios.

Matt Mullenweg

Marc Canter

Marc Canter is the CEO of Broadband Mechanics, a white label social networking and blogging platform company. Marc is a frequent visitor to Canada - speaking at the Canadian Venture Capitalist event in Vancouver on Jan. 15-16. Marc has previously been the keynote at the Canadian Business Student entrepreneurs award dinner event and before that at the first Northern Voice and the Digital Media event on Granville island. Marc was the original founder of MacroMind - which became Macromedia.

Dave Olson

Alan Levine

Alan Levine is Vice President, NMC Community and CTO for the New Media Consortium (NMC), and was previously an educational technology evangelist at the Maricopa Community Colleges. He is widely recognized nationally and internationally for expertise in the application of new technologies to educational environments and was a pioneer on the web going back to 1993. An early proponent of weblogs for information sharing, he shares his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog (cogdogblog.com) and is insanely addicted to hourly doses of twitter and flickr. After his first NV in 2006, he deeply feels the remorse of missing last year's conference!

Kris Krug

Kris Krug is a writer, designer, photographer, and web-aficionado based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kris has been actively publishing online since he started his first personal Web site in 1997. In 1998, he started an online pop-culture 'zine called *spark-online. With an objective of "exploring electronic consciousness," *spark-online attracted a community of 100,000 readers in it prime. Today, *spark-online articles continue to influence research in the subjects of online communities, human computer interaction, digital selves and identity and digital media and visual art.

At present, Kris is president of Raincity Studios a Web 2.0 community development and web design firm.

Kris is sought out by conferences and companies as a speaker on the topic of independent online publishing. He introduces visual artists, musicians and professionals to emerging technologies and explains how the Internet can be used to fast-track their careers.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Alex has been a magazine photographer in Vancouver for 35 years. Since January 2006 he has blogged every day without missing one.