Kris Krug


Kris Krug is a writer, designer, photographer, and web-aficionado based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Kris has been actively publishing online since he started his first personal Web site in 1997. In 1998, he started an online pop-culture 'zine called *spark-online. With an objective of "exploring electronic consciousness," *spark-online attracted a community of 100,000 readers in it prime. Today, *spark-online articles continue to influence research in the subjects of online communities, human computer interaction, digital selves and identity and digital media and visual art.

At present, Kris is president of Raincity Studios a Web 2.0 community development and web design firm.

Kris is sought out by conferences and companies as a speaker on the topic of independent online publishing. He introduces visual artists, musicians and professionals to emerging technologies and explains how the Internet can be used to fast-track their careers.