Boris Mann


Born to eat, breathe and talk tech, "The Boris" is the consummate true believer in the power of open source and will almost certainly say "Drupal" within 30 seconds of meeting anyone. Growing up in idyllic Bowen Island, Boris left pastoral landscape to grab a B. Sc. in Computer Science (naturally) at U. Vic before trekking east to frosty Ottawa to advance new technologies like VoIP.

Returning to Vancouver, he convinced a rag-tag crew that Drupal is the only true path and thus begat the first-ever Drupal-powered commercial company, Bryght. He is a chronic event organizer/participant, frequently speaks to groups on open standards (no matter what the assigned topic is), and as a noted foodie, only the unwise turn down a dinner invitation. Now, as the marketing czar of the Drupal Association, he is likely to say "Drupal" twice in the first 30 seconds.

Currently, Boris is VP of Product Development at Raincity Studios.